Linssen Boating Holidays

Private' Cruise Ship 
Sailing on a (charter) motor yacht can be such a holiday. Linssen Boating Holidays® offers motor yachts for a wonderfully relaxed holiday on the water. With your own family on your 'private' cruise ship. You sleep, eat and stay on board one of our luxury motor yachts and sail from village to village, town to town. Everything is on board, just like home and just as comfortable. 

Depending on your choice, there will always be a Linssen Boating Holidays rental base within a reasonable distance of your home town. There are various locations in England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but there are also plenty of opportunities in other countries. All the locations are easy to reach by car and have parking spaces right next to the marina, sometimes even guarded.

Completely offline for a while 
Once on board, you can of course remain 'online', but what could be better than to switch off completely. A stay on the water brings with it a natural sense of tranquillity. The hustle and bustle of everyday life, hectic traffic, the full agenda and the mass of apps, emails and messages... none of that is necessary anymore. 

Fully equipped; just as comfortable as at home 
On board your yacht, you can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner without any problems. The boats are equipped with a refrigerator, cooker (gas or induction) and sometimes an oven. Would you like to enjoy your meal with a glass of wine on a terrace? This is possible on your own "terrace" overlooking the water, namely the aft deck or the cockpit of your ship. 

During your holiday on the water, you can easily avoid the busy city centres. On board you are alone with your family, children or perhaps with your friends. You can moor your boat in any port and stay on board if you wish. Enjoy walking in the area or cycling through the vineyards along the Moselle. 
If you do want to go into town, you are not dependent on crowded car parks. Since many places have traditionally been built along waterways, you will often be close to the centre of a town with your Linssen boat. Take Maastricht, for example, where you can moor in 't Bassin - the old town centre harbour - and walk to the Vrijthof square on foot.

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