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Brochure/Price list 2019

Linssen Boating Holidays brochure 2019


Linssen Boating Holidays countries

In the Netherlands you can charter a Linssen yacht in Friesland. A fantastic way to discover the Netherlands from the water on board your Linssen motor yacht. The Netherlands has a long tradition of boating. It is a country of expert shipbuilders and the home of ‘your’ Linssen as well. Boating is simply part of life for the Dutch, and the country’s infrastructure refl ects this. Splendid modern marinas await you, equipped with every imaginable facility and off ering countless moorings in picturesque villages, towns and countryside. With so much variety, there’s something for every boating enthusiast here. Slow-moving currents, rivers, canals, lakes, gravel lakes and the North Sea coast ensure a stunning variety of diff erent landscapes and many diff erent pleasures. The Netherlands – known for its windmills and wooden shoes – has enormous historical, cultural and gastronomic riches to offer. Sail with Linssen Boating Holidays® to wonderful destinations, in the unique Province of Friesland on Lake Fluessen, Slotermeer, Tjeukemeer or Sneekermeer. The Netherlands – a boating paradise, with Linssen Boating Holidays®. Where would you like to charter your Linssen yacht? Sneek Willemstad

  • Belgium

    Cruise the Peaceful Belgian Waterways on board your Linssen motor yacht Nowhere in the world are…

  • Germany

    Charter a Linssen motor yacht in Germany! In Germany there a 4 regions where you can…

  • Croatia

    Explore Croatia from aboard your Linssen yacht! Reaching deep into the crytal-clear waters. The Adriatic…

  • United Kingdom

    Travel the Royal Thames on board your Linssen yacht For Linssen boaters, the historic town of…

  • France

    Get to know Europe‘s biggest Network of Waterways on board your Linssen motor yacht. France…

  • Switzerland

    Cruising the Swiss lakes on your Linssen motor yacht Lake Neuchâtel combines one of Europe’s…

  • Finland

    Discover Finlands Lake Saimaa from your Linssen yacht. It‘s no wonder that Finland is called…

  • Poland (Locaboat)

    Discover an original and little known destination for boating holidays: Poland! In north-eastern part of the…

  • Ireland

    Have you always wanted to go to Ireland for a holiday? Have you always wanted…

  • Norway

    Boating with Linssen Boating Holidays® in the Oslo Fjord and along the coast of Skagerrak.…


Motorboat & Yachting (GB) sept 2016 -quote4

"Ensuite cabins at either end make the Linssen 36.9 a very comfortable charter boat."

(Hugo Andreae, Motorboat & Yachting - September 2016)