Linssen Boating Holidays

Unlike the standard “houseboats” offered by charter companies, the LBH partners have decided to use real motor yachts and indeed those made by Linssen Yachts BV in Maasbracht in the Netherlands.  The family business, which began life in 1949 as a small boat yard, has now become a market leader in its third generation. Today, Linssen Yachts is famous for its top-quality steel displacement yachts and for its claim to be constantly innovating. No matter which decade we look back on, it is obvious that Linssen Yachts has always been behind the development of spectacular yachts and production technologies. That has not changed today!

The Linssen Boating Holidays network is an excellent way to 'try before you buy'. In most locations, there is no Licence required and there are over 100 luxury Linssen motoryachts available for hire in many the best of Europe's waterways. Visit the Linssen Yachts website for more information on new steel Linssen yachts, developments etc.

Linssen shipyard

Investing in a Linssen yacht

Would you like to know more about Linssen yachts. the different models and how and where they are built than visit the Linssen Yachts website. Are you interested in investing in a Linssen yacht and join the charter network? Visit the Linssen Charter Management page. 

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