Linssen Boating Holidays

Bareboat charter is the term used to describe the chartering or hiring of a motor yacht without crew or crew. This means that you operate and steer the yacht yourself. You rent your floating holiday home and sail to wherever you want to go (of course within the distance that is possible from the landlord). Apart from the rental price, costs such as diesel consumption, harbour dues, shopping etc. are for your own account.


Bareboat does not mean an 'empty' boat with nothing on it... On the contrary. All Linssen Boating Holidays partners have a particularly high standard for the luxury motor yachts they rent out. They have a fully equipped interior. Depending on the size of the yacht, this can range from compact but complete to very extensive and luxurious. 

Do we have a kitchen?

For example, the smallest yacht that you can charter (e.g. a Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC with aft cabin) has a compact saloon with a 'kitchen' with a 3-burner gas cooker, a small worktop and a washbasin. Sometimes with oven/microwave. The most luxurious Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop® - Linssen Yachts' flagship - which is available for hire in a few places, for example, has a particularly spacious U-shaped kitchen with induction cooker, oven/microwave combination and a large work surface. Probably also a dishwasher etc.

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