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Waterfront Jachtcharter
Charter a Linssen yacht from the Province of Zeeland (South of the Netherlands)

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The ideal starting point to discover the Zeeland Delta, South Holland and North Brabant!

With us, you can hire luxury, fully equipped Linssen yachts for a wonderful boating holiday. All our luxury Linssen yachts are equipped as standard with made beds, towels, nespresso coffee machine, luxury toiletries and much more. This is to give you and your CREW a carefree boating holiday.

Why Charter a Linssen Motoryacht from Waterfront Yachtcharter in Kortgene? 

Our fleet is located in Zeeland, "The Watersports Paradise Netherlands!" at Kortgene next to the largest national park in the Netherlands the Oosterschelde. An "old" estuary, which the construction of the Delta Works in 1986 turned into a shallow estuary with kilometres of crystal clear salt water, vistas, picturesque harbours with fantastic restaurants, and unique flora and fauna.
Famous are the seals and porpoises, which you can encounter with some regularity.

We have prepared several detailed sailing trips for you. Would you like to take your yacht to the Biesbosch, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Amsterdam, or do you prefer a different route? We will gladly help you on your way and know all the beautiful waterways of the Netherlands.

Make your boating holiday complete and book a SUP or BIKE with your Linssen yacht.
A fun, sporty activity to discover the surroundings from your yacht.
Try it out and take up the challenge!

See you in our marina!

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Tourist Attractions in Zeeland

Zeeland is a stunning province in the southwest of the Netherlands, known for its beautiful coastlines, historic towns, and charming villages. Within 50 miles of Kortgene, you can explore a range of tourist attractions, including: 

Zierikzee: a charming historic town with beautiful architecture and a vibrant cultural scene 
Deltapark Neeltje Jans: a water theme park with exciting attractions and interactive exhibits about the Delta Works 
Watersnoodmuseum: a museum dedicated to the history of the 1953 flood disaster, which devastated large parts of Zeeland 
Veere: a picturesque town with a rich history and beautiful surroundings 
Middelburg: the capital of Zeeland, with a beautiful historic center and a range of cultural attractions

Rivers, Canals, and Lakes in Zeeland

Zeeland is known for its beautiful waterways, including the famous Delta Works, which protect the region from the sea. Some of the most popular rivers, canals, and lakes to explore on your Linssen motoryacht charter include: 

Veerse Meer: a large, shallow lake with a range of beaches, sailing clubs, and marinas 
Oosterschelde: a stunning tidal estuary with a range of wildlife and stunning scenery 
Zandkreeksluis: a canal with a range of beautiful landscapes and charming villages along the way 
Krammer-Volkerak: a large, open waterway with a range of sailing clubs and marinas

Where to Eat in Zeeland

Zeeland is famous for its seafood, with a range of delicious dishes to try during your trip. Some of the best restaurants to visit include: 

De Oesterij: a popular seafood restaurant in Yerseke, known for its oysters and mussels 
Brasserie Maritime: a chic restaurant in Zierikzee, serving fresh seafood and other local dishes in a beautiful setting 

De Viskêête: a cozy seafood restaurant in Bruinisse, known for its fresh fish and beautiful harbor views 
Hofstede de Nieuwe Donck: a stylish restaurant in 's-Heer Arendskerke, serving high-quality, locally sourced ingredients in a beautiful setting

Historical Sites in Zeeland

Zeeland has a rich history, with a range of fascinating historical sites to explore during your trip. Some of the best places to visit include: 

Zeeuws Museum: a museum in Middelburg dedicated to the history and culture of Zeeland 
Watersnoodmuseum: as mentioned earlier, this museum is dedicated to the 1953 flood disaster and its impact on the region 
Slot Haamstede: a stunning castle in Burgh-Haamstede, with a history dating back to the 13th century 
Deltawerken: the famous Delta Works, a network of dams, barriers, and other structures designed to protect the region from the sea

Overall, chartering a Linssen motoryacht from Waterfront Yachtcharter in Kortgene is the perfect way to experience the beauty and charm of Zeeland. With a range of stunning waterways, historic landmarks, delicious restaurants, and cultural attractions within easy reach, you'll have everything you need for an unforgettable holiday.

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