Locaboat Holidays & Linssen Boating Holidays® have teamed up,enabling their customers to discover exciting new boating destinations in Europe and book a holiday with their familiar boating holidays partner.

“Slow down! … and start living!”

The Linssen Boating Holidays® partners are officially authorised booking agents for Locaboat Holidays for the Locaboat-Linssen, Pénichette® and Europa cruisers. On the other hand, Locaboat Holidays are officially authorised booking agents for the Linssen Boating Holidays network and will offer cruises to their customers who are looking for different destinations or want to book a Linssen model that is not available in the Locaboat fleet.

Linssen Boating Holidays® & Locaboat Holidays®

Offering a larger number of boats, in various sizes and with different types of accommodation as well as an extensive selection of exclusive and exciting destinations throughout Europe enables both companies to create maximum synergy and serve their loyal customers even better.

The European Boating Alliance

A new way to travel

Locaboat alliance Linssen Boating Holidays

It was the end of the 1970s when Locaboat Holidays came up with the idea for a new kind of holiday and created the Pénichette®. This type of boat, designed specif cally for river tourism, quickly emerged as the benchmark watercraft in terms of both its original design and its innovative technical features.

Today, Locaboat Holidays is one of the European leaders in boating holidays. The renowned quality of our watercraft, the expertise of our staff and our passion for the cultural heritage in the regions visited continue to underpin our company’s success. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a f eet of 380 top-quality boats. Locaboat is, without the slightest doubt, the boating holiday company that invests most each year in the maintenance, care and comfort of its watercraft.

In six countries all over Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Irland, Poland), enjoy the pleasures of cruising and just take it easy!

On board your boat, you are the captain. You decide what you want to do, at your own pace, and discover amazing locations while on the move. It is this unique experience, combining adventure, conviviality, freedom and serenity that we have to offer on each of your stays.

Exciting new boating destinations in Europe

Linssen Boating Holidays alliance Locaboat

Linssen has made a name for itself in the sector. This name covers a wide spectrum in the watersport market, symbolising quality in the Dutch yacht-building industry.

Originally a loose association of independent Linssenyacht charterers, Linssen Boating Holidays® (LBH) is continuously increasing its presence in the charter market. Customers now benefit from clear structures and mature concepts. Excellent interaction between the boatyard and the charter providers has resulted in an increase in quality on both sectors. The involvement of dealers, charter companies and technical service providers guarantees charter customers the highest possible standard of service. In the meantime, as many as twelve independent yacht charter companies in nine countries have come together under the marketing umbrella of Linssen Boating Holidays® to offer exclusive boating holidays on Linssen motor yachts. What makes LBH stand out in the market is the variety and uniqueness of its destinations. You can sail to destinations which you would otherwise not be able to find in a travel brochure.