There’s so much to discover on the waterways in the multi-faceted regions of Europe: picturesque towns, atmospheric quays, great restaurants, impressive culture and history. And you can enjoy a relaxed sailing experience on a Linssen yacht while the next exciting destination awaits you along the way. Leave the hustle and bustle behind. From now on, it’s

Linssen Yachts-Slow Down and Start Living

In olden times, settlements were usually built on important rivers. Today, they are almost all large urban areas with an inexhaustible range of restaurants and entertainment. Where cars and campers are shunned, you and your luxury Linssen motor yacht are welcome guests. And in the most expensive parts of the world, you have your own floating home, and for as long as you like. Have you had enough of that busy city life? Then cast off, sail away on your Linssen and enjoy the peace of nature and end the day with a relaxing barbecue and a good glass of local wine. Just you, your family and your friends.

The Linssen Boating Holidays® partners have shared enthusiasms. They genuinely love life afloat. Like you, they are satisfied only with the best quality. They opted for Linssen motor yachts to ensure that you would have an unforgettable experience. They combine forces in the knowledge that it will allow them to offer you even better service. And last but not least, they subscribe to the mission statement of Linssen Yachts:“We take your pleasure seriously®”.

Welcome to the world of Linssen Boating Holidays®. Choose one of our favourite suggested routes or let us help you create your own highly personal boat trip. With a wide and varied range of charter agencies, the Linssen Boating Holidays® network is Europe’s biggest provider in this segment. 

As you stand on the deck of your luxury Linssen yacht, the slowly passing countryside again and again reveals its wonderful secrets to you, fragrant golden-yellow fields and fascinating historic buildings, vineyards and pretty villages… Feel like Christopher Columbus as you explore canals, rivers and lakes… Have time for the family… Enjoy…Stop dreaming about it. Book your hard-earned boating holiday today. Beautiful destinations await you.

On behalf of the Linssen Boating Holidays partners Europe.

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