Cruise the rustic waterways of Belgium aboard your Linssen canal boat. Nowhere do the waterways connect so many historic and interesting towns as in Belgium, northern France and

Luxury Boating Holiday Experience in France

Chartering a Linssen yacht from Linssen Boating Holidays partner France Afloat is an incredible way to experience the beauty and charm of France in style. With a fleet of high-quality Linssen yachts and a range of routes and destinations to choose from, France Afloat offers the ultimate luxury boating holiday experience.

Yacht charter with family and friends

Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or a loved one, a Linssen yacht charter is the perfect way to explore the rivers and canals of France at your own pace. Imagine cruising past lush vineyards, charming villages, and historic landmarks as you soak up the stunning scenery and relax in the comfort of your own private yacht.

France Afloat offers a range of routes and destinations to choose from, including the beautiful Burgundy region, the historic Canal du Midi, and the tranquil Loire Valley. Each route offers its own unique mix of scenery, culture, and cuisine, making it easy to find the perfect match for your interests and preferences.

Many charter destinations to choose from

One of the major advantages of a Linssen yacht charter with France Afloat is the flexibility it provides. You can plan your itinerary based on your own interests and schedule, choosing when and where to stop, what activities to pursue, and how long to stay in each location. This makes it easy to customize your holiday to suit your needs and desires, whether you're looking for a relaxing break, an active adventure, or a bit of both.

In addition to the beautiful scenery and rich culture, France is known for its excellent cuisine and wine. With a Linssen yacht charter, you'll have access to some of the best food and drink in the world, including local specialties like coq au vin, escargots, and crème brûlée, as well as world-renowned wines like Chablis, Sancerre, and Champagne. You can sample these delights at local markets, cafes, and restaurants, or even cook up your own feasts on board your yacht.

Chartering a Linssen yacht from France Afloat is also a great way to stay active and healthy on your holiday. You can enjoy activities like cycling, hiking, fishing, and swimming, as well as boating itself, which provides a low-impact workout and a chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

If you're concerned about navigating the waterways, don't worry - France Afloat provides all the training and support you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. No prior experience is required, and their team of experts will give you a thorough briefing on everything from safety and navigation to mooring and docking.


In conclusion, chartering a Linssen yacht from Linssen Boating Holidays partner France Afloat is an excellent way to experience the best of France, from its stunning scenery and rich culture to its delicious cuisine and world-renowned wine. With a range of routes and destinations to choose from, as well as the flexibility and luxury of a private yacht, you can create the perfect holiday to suit your needs and preferences. So why not book your Linssen yacht charter today and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime?

Two of the most attractive cruising areas are the Canal du Midi and the Burgundy region.

The Canal du Midi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cruise along this ancient waterway on board your Linssen motor yacht through vineyards, fields and old villages and passes the city of Carcassonne. The regional cuisine and wines are tied up with local traditions. You can taste the Mediterranean sun when you relax on the aft deck.
Burgundy offers a very large number of possible routes that you can take with your Linssen yacht. The region is famed for its excellent wines and its cuisine. The Canal du Nivernais and the Canal de Bourgogne are two of the most beautiful waterways for cruising a Linssen yacht in France. You cruise through a charming landscape full of historic towns, villages, cathedrals and chateaux.

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Linssen Boating Holidays in France

Canal du Midi


South West of France


It’s the land of three lakes: Neuchâtel, Bienne and Morat: The largest continuous area of lakes and rivers in Switzerland invites you to explore this unspoilt, wonderful landscape.

Travel the Royal Thames on board your Linssen yacht

For Linssen boaters, the historic town of Henley-on-Thames is located at an ideal distance from the main tourist attractions of Oxford and Windsor.

Henley is famous for its annual regattas and music festivals. The thoroughly English market town provides excellent shops and restaurants and is the perfect departure point for a voyage of discovery on board your chartered Linssen motor yacht to unlock the secrets of the Thames. The Thames is a metaphor for the region through which the historic river flows. Whether it’s historic royal residences such as Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace or fantastic theme parks, the Thames has a lot of attractions for the whole family.

Midsomer Murders

Take your Linssen yacht through the hart of 'Midsomer Murders' country. The County of Oxfordshire, together with Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, provided the backdrop for the world-famous detective series “Midsomer Murders” featuring the fictional Inspector Barnaby. After a nice day of cruising on the river, you are sitting in one of the quintessentially English pubs in which scenes from the series were shot, sipping on a whisky, you will feel as if you are Barnaby… Many picturesque Midsomer locations await your visit during your Linssen cruise on the Thames.

Between the historic towns, the picturesque course of the river – which was the source of inspiration for the novels “The Wind in the Willows” and ”Three Men in a Boat” – provides the perfect opportunity to switch off and relax on board your yacht. The famous towns and villages on the Thames – Henley, Sonning, Wallingford, Bray, Marlow and Windsor – hold out the promise of culinary delights in their riverside restaurants.


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Linssen Boating Holidays in United Kingdom


Discover Finlands Lake Saimaa from your Linssen yacht.

It‘s no wonder that Finland is called the ‘land of a thousand lakes‘, because there are so many of them. Consequently, lakes and the sea are vital parts of Finnish nature. What could be better than getting away from the noise of the cities by relaxing and enjoying the silence on board you quality Linssen yacht? Retreat into your own thoughts or be inspired by the vast clear lakes splintered by islands, narrow strips of land and green headlands.

Lake Saimaa is a labyrinth of blue water and green islands making up the largest lake district in Europe. Due to the number of stretches of open water linked by straits and dotted with islands, it’s hard to believe that Lake Saimaa really is Finland’s largest natural freshwater lake and the fourth largest in Europe. It is a breathtakingly beautiful destination for truly unforgettable holidays with an abundance of scenery and shoreline. The stunning natural environment and unique local events attract thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the region‘s hospitality and services. The beautiful varied landscape dotted with islands is a perfect setting for sheltered yachting on your Linssen. You to can enjoy the calm blue waters in summer. Come and experience the world‘s most beautiful lake district - Saimaa!

The region offers a wealth of cultural attractions from the world famous Savonlinna Opera Festival to high-class concerts and intriguing museums and galleries. Holidaymakers will find plenty to do on the sunny shores of Lake Saimaa, as there are many activities and pursuits to be enjoyed. Unique boutiques, idyllic cafes and top-class restaurants, offering a warm and friendly service, add to the unrivalled charm of the Savonlinna region. One of the most popular boating areas on Lake Saimaa is the Linnansaari National Park with 130 islands covering an area close to 40 km2. There are 21 guest marinas in this region, which means that moorings are never far away. Head for the shore whenever you feel you need a rest, a snack or coffee prepared over open fire. And, if you are lucky, you can spot the Saimaa ringed seal, which is among the world’s most threatened seal species!

In addition to the Linnansaari National Park, there are more than 200 other guest marinas, so you can easily plan your trip. And, as we are in Finland, many of these have a traditional Finnish sauna which you can enjoy and then dip into the crystal clear water of the lake.

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Linssen Boating Holidays in Finland

Savonlinna - Lake Saimaa

Charter a Linssen motor yacht in Germany!

Müritz and Berlin’s waterways, city – region – lake – canal – river.

It has everything to stir the Linssen boating enthusiast’s heart. Enjoy the most beautiful inland cruising areas in east Germany! The Mecklenburg Lakes are situated in the heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Together with the waterways in Berlin and Brandenburg, they constitute the largest and most beautiful inland water sport area in central Europe. Cruise your Linssen motor yacht over 1,000 lakes connected by numerous rivers and canals. They determine the character of this unique natural landscape. Anyone sailing their Linssen yacht, soaking in the almost untouched natural environment, will quickly forget the daily grind and start to unwind. Idyllic towns and villages invite you to while away the time.

Welcome to the Saar and Moselle.

A landscape of superlatives awaits you! This is where winegrowers cultivate top international wines, where the Romans founded Germany’s oldest city and where you will find one of the most successful combinations of ancient cultural treasures and sometimes charming, sometimes spectacular countryside.  The region’s proximity to France and Luxembourg is not only the inspiration for the Moselle region‘s cuisine in terms of lifestyle. There is hardly another wine-growing and holiday region that can fascinate you with so many facets. Aboard your own Linssen, you will become part of the incomparable scenery of the famous Saar Loop. Large bathing lakes and historic towns and cities await you. Marvel at the boat lift in Arzviller and explore historic Alsace.

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Linssen Boating Holidays in germany

Müritz, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Brandenburg

Müritz, Havel, Berlin, Mecklenburg, Potsdam

Saar / Moselle

Charter a Linssen canal boat in the Netherlands. Your can rent a motor yacht from LBH in three different locations: Friesland, Zeeland and North Holland.

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