Lake Biel, also known as Lake Biel, is a wonderful destination for an unforgettable holiday on the water. Hire a Linssen charter yacht and explore the beautiful surroundings of this third largest lake in Switzerland. Below you will find information on several tourist attractions that you should not miss during your trip.

Start your trip in the city of Biel, located on the north-western shore of the lake. Visit the beautiful old town with narrow streets, historic buildings and cosy cafés. Admire the beautiful fountain in the market square, one of the largest in Switzerland. Here you will also find St Peter's Church, a neo-Gothic church with beautiful stained-glass windows.

From Biel, you can calmly sail on with your motor yacht to the town of Nidau on the eastern shore of the lake. Here you will find the beautiful medieval Nidau castle, which dates back to the 12th century. The castle houses exhibitions on the history of the town and the region, as well as a collection of old timepieces and instruments. Also visit the nearby bird sanctuary, where you can admire more than 200 species of birds.
Another must-see attraction on Lake Biel is the town of Erlach, located on the southern shore. Here you can admire the beautiful city walls and towers, which date back to the Middle Ages. Stroll through the picturesque streets and enjoy local specialities in the many restaurants and cafés.

Another interesting attraction is the island of St Peter, located in the middle of Lake Biel. This beautiful island is home to St Peter and Paul Church, a medieval church dating back to the 9th century. Admire the beautiful frescoes and statues in the church, and enjoy the stunning views of the lake from the island.

A holiday on a Linssen motor yacht on Lake Biel offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Book your trip now and discover the stunning sights and natural wonders of this beautiful region of Switzerland.