I would like to take you on a journey on the River Thames aboard a steel Linssen charter yacht. Our journey begins in Henley, a beautiful town best known for its annual rowing races. We are ready to enjoy a relaxing cruise on this beautiful river and explore all the sights along the route.

After picking up our motor yacht at the marina in Henley, we cruise leisurely downstream. Soon we pass the historic town of Marlow, where we make a short stop to enjoy the beautiful views of the Chiltern Hills. We then continue to Windsor, where we see the magnificent Windsor Castle looming on the horizon. This is home to the British royal family and is the oldest inhabited royal residence in the world. A walk through the town and visiting the castle are definitely recommended.

As we sail on, we also pass the town of Maidenhead, where we view the famous Maidenhead Bridge, an iconic bridge that has been around since the 18th century. We also pass Cliveden House, an estate that was once home to the aristocratic Astor family and is now a hotel. The house has a rich history and has had famous guests such as Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill.
We sail on and arrive in the town of Reading, where we take time to visit Reading's famous abbey ruins. These ruins date back to the Middle Ages and are one of the oldest remains of this period in England. A walk through the ruins is truly a special experience.

After visiting the ruins, we board the boat again and sail back to Henley. As we sailed back, we could enjoy the beautiful scenery along the banks of the river and the calm waters flowing below us.
All in all, our trip on the River Thames was a wonderful experience, full of history and culture. It is definitely recommended to anyone who loves boating and is interested in England's rich history and sights.

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