A trip on the Havel River from Brandenburg to Potsdam is a wonderful way to discover the region's landscape. As you cruise along the river, you will pass several sights and ports. The Havel is a river that flows through Brandenburg and Potsdam. The river is about 240 kilometres long and has a number of interesting sights and ports along the way.
In Brandenburg, the old town of Brandenburg an der Havel is an important stop along the river. The city has a beautiful old town centre with magnificent buildings and churches from the Middle Ages. There is also an impressive harbour with many boats and ships.

You start your journey in Brandenburg, where you sail past the old city walls and the beautiful cathedral. Then you sail past Brandenburg harbour, where you can see the old warehouses and fishing boats.
From Brandenburg, you'll sail your Linssen motor yacht on to Potsdam, where you'll cruise past the Glienicker Brücke, a historic bridge connecting the two cities. In Potsdam itself, there are several attractions, including the beautiful Sanssouci Castle and the historic centre with its beautiful architecture and museums.
Further along the river, you will pass Potsdam harbour, where you can see the old fishing boats and cargo ships. You can also visit the colourful market hall here, where you can buy all kinds of local produce and delicacies. Further downstream, the city of Potsdam is a major destination along the river. Potsdam is known for its beautiful parks and gardens, including the world-famous Park Sanssouci. The park is also home to the famous palace of the Prussian kings.

In summary, the river Havel is a beautiful place to visit, with interesting sights and harbours in Brandenburg and Potsdam. It is a place full of history and beautiful nature, and is well worth a visit for motor boaters and lovers of rivers and waterways.
After Potsdam, you continue sailing along the river and pass several small villages and towns, where you can see beautiful historical buildings and beautiful nature. For example, you can admire the old windmills and the beautiful flower fields.