If you determine the number of people that you will be travelling with, than you can make a first selection what type and size of Linssen yacht you would need. After that it is only a matter of comfort that you like.
Linssen 30.0 Sedan

Linssen 30.0 Sedan. Inside steering, low to the water, large open cockpit seating, one cabin with double bed.

How many people are in your party? 

Just two?
Then a 30 ft Sedan would be sufficient, but a bigger boat would give you more comfort and space on board.

With the Sedan you would cruise inside, low to the water. You could opt for an AC (then you have two bedrooms and 4 sleeping places) and you would steer outside on the aft deck (always covered and protected by a cabrio roof). From the aft deck you are higher above the water with a bit more overview of the water. But it is a matter of taste what would suit you better.

Linssen 30.0 Sedan

Linssen 30.0 Sedan layout

Linssen 30.0 AC

Linssen 30.0 AC layout

Linssen 30.0 AC. Outside steering, above the water, great aft deck with seating, two cabins with double beds.

Are you a family of 3 or 4?
Than a 30 AC could do the trick. You can sleep in the aft cabin and ‘the kids’ in the front. They would have to share beds however. Both would have their own shower and toilet (check LBH partner for details).

Check out the layout above for the 30.0 AC motor yacht.

If you want to prevent that they have to sleep together, you could choose to transform the saloon bench to a bed in the evening. This would allow for them to sleep separately. Linssen has invented the Linssen Easy Sleep Convert System for this. Within 1 minute your bed is ready.

Would you like 3 cabins? Then you would need to go to a 40 ft AC or larger. 

The Linssen Easy Sleep Convert System explained

Are you with a group of 6?
Than a 40 ft or larger will be necessary. There you will have 3 cabins wit two double beds and 2 single beds. This would also have a lot of comfort in the saloon. Again you could transform the saloon bench to a double bed to give you 8 sleeping places in total. 

Linssen 40.0 Sedan layout
Two cabins with 4 beds or with the Easy Sleep Convert System in the saloon 6 beds.

Linssen 40.0 AC layout
Three cabins with 6 beds or with the Easy Sleep Convert System in the saloon 8 beds.

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