On holiday with your hired boat in the Brandenburg region. The German state of Brandenburg is known for its many lakes and rivers that meander through the vast landscape. Here, nature is what determines the image. Perfect for exploring with a houseboat, to explore the nature parks and small villages.

In every season there is another aspect that appeals. In the winter, it is lovely to walk through the vast nature. In spring, when flowers, trees and plants spring up and blossom or in summer when the birds descend on the vast fields. Anyone travelling here automatically becomes a culture traveller, because culture is part of the landscape. Many of the inhabitants of the capital, Berlin, like to come to the countryside at the weekends and holiday weeks to enjoy the peace and nature. Buy your groceries on board at the farm shops and have breakfast on your back deck while the storks are waiting in the water for their food and listen to the chirping of the frogs.

Tips and informative website about the region of Brandenburg: 

Reiseland Brandeburg

Zehdenick is situated approximately 50 kilometres north of the centre of Berlin. It is the home of Yachtcharter am Prerauer Stich, one of the partners of Linssen Boating Holidays®. Here, you can hire one of the Linssen yachts to explore the Brandenburg region from the water with your own houseboat. Experience unspoilt nature, peace and quiet in the immediate vicinity of one of Europe's most exciting metropolises.

If you spend your boating holiday on the water from Zehdenick, you should not only enjoy the beauty of Brandenburg's nature, but also visit the capital. Berlin is perfectly accessible by water.

With a hired yacht through the Havel region
The river Havel has a total length of 334 kilometres, 285 of which wind their way through the capital and the surrounding federal state. The river has its source in the northern Müritz National Park in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and flows first south, then west and finally north to join the Elbe at Havelberg in Saxony-Anhalt (on the other side is the Brandenburg stork village of Rühstädt).
On the way, the rivers Dahme, Nuthe and Spree join the Havel. The river is well developed and can be navigated easily by houseboats, making it an ideal place for motor yacht owners and charter boats. On its way, it crosses many lakes and ponds, which makes it such a picturesque place. 

Yachtcharter ZehdenickYachtzentrum Zehdenick


Zehdenick is the home base of your rented Linssen motor yacht. The lake, which is directly connected to the Havel, is called the Prerauer Stich. You can get to know your yacht in peace and quiet in the well-equipped new marina. The crew of Yachtcharter am Prerauer Stich will explain to you in detail all functionalities of the boat.

If you do not leave on the same day, this is the perfect opportunity to visit Zehdenick. The historic Zehdenicker Wasserturm from 1900 or the town church from around 1812, for example. Once in the town centre, you will also see the first lock that you will encounter on your journey tomorrow: Sleuse Zehdenick. You will walk past Schloss Zehdenick, which is directly on the water. You will pass it tomorrow... This romantic castle is nowadays often used for weddings and parties and has an excellent restaurant. Also directly on the water is the Italian restaurant Da Vinci, which offers delicious pasta dishes, fish or meat. Something for everyone.

Zehdenick itself is famous for the brickworks that provided the bricks for the expansion of Berlin into a metropolis, but it now attracts visitors with its brickworks park developed as a tourist attraction. The nearby ruins of the Cistercian monastery Himmelpfort are nationally known. Culture enthusiasts can visit the Zehdenick Monastery Barn, where changing exhibitions, concerts and lectures take place. 


ZehdenickSchloß ZehdenickRestaurant Da VinciZehdenick Monastary


After spending the night on board, it was time to leave the next morning. We sail out of the harbour and head for the port side to the south. We sail past the castle, through the lock and then we are in the middle of nature and experience peace and quiet.

After a few hours of gentle cruising, we arrived in Oranienburg. The castle harbour at Oranienburg is a nice stopover. From here, we can explore the centre on foot. The most famous is, of course, Schloß Oranienburg in the centre of town.

Are you travelling with children? Then visit the Schlosspark Oranienburg. With bouncy castles, trampolines, swings and much more, the young ones can let off steam. Who needs a mobile phone... You can also go to TURM ErlebnisCity. With a 1300 m2 wave pool, sauna with 10 saunas, wellness with massage, a fitness centre, bowling alleys, a 15-metre high climbing wall and various restaurants and bars to eat at the end of an exhausting day.
Are you a whisky lover? Then be sure to visit Whiskyland Oranienburg. With more than 900 types of whisky, rum, gin, grappa, vodka and much more. 

More about Oranienburg:

OranienburgSchloßhafen OranienburgSchloß OranienburgSchloßpark OranienburgWhiskylandTURM ErlebnisCity


We continued on our motor yacht into the state of Berlin. On our port side, we passed Berlin-Heiligensee and Berlin-Konradshöhe. If we were to go to port into the Tegeler See, we would pass by the beautiful Tegeler Forst nature reserve. But we continued along the Great Wall to Spandau and moored there. Behind Hennigsdorf, the Havel Canal branches off to the west until it rejoins the original river at the idyllic village of Paretz. On this stretch alone, the actual river widens several times and forms beautiful lakes, such as Tegeler See and Wannsee, which are known and appreciated outside the region as sailing areas. You will be sailing on a Linssen motor yacht. You will probably come across several similar Linssen Yachts here. If you are in the Netherlands one day, you should definitely visit the Linssen boatyard in Maasbracht in the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. They will be pleased to assist you and show you how your yacht was built.

Spandau is one of Berlin's 12 districts and lies to the west of the capital. The name is mainly known from the Spandau prison and by the British pop group Spandau Ballet, which named itself after the district.

Prominently located in the middle of the Havel is the Zitadelle Spandau. The Citadel is considered the best-preserved fortification north of the Alps. The vaults house one of the largest bat colonies in Europe and the courtyard of the Citadel is home to one of the largest open-air theatres in Berlin. Parts of the citadel date back to 1300, while the main part was built around 1600. The historic halls regularly host concerts, exhibitions and events.

Of course, there are restaurants, bars and shops galore for you and your partner to stroll around the city and do your shopping for the next day. You do not always have to eat on your ship... the local shopkeepers will be happy to welcome you. 

SpandauZitadelle / CitadelLinssen Yachts Holland


We sail on our charter boat past the Zitadelle and through Schleuse Spandau via the Wannsee in the direction of Potsdam.

Founded in the 10th century, Potsdam is the capital of the state of Brandenburg. In the 17th century, the city became the summer residence of Prince Frederick Wilhelm and had a castle built there. Meanwhile, the parks and palaces of Potsdam and Berlin have become World Heritage Sites.

Potsdam harbour, once a jetty for steamboats, is now located in the historical centre in the west of Potsdam. In the immediate vicinity you will find the historic Lustgarten and the Freundschaftsinsel. This island (the Friendship Island) lies in the middle of the Havel river and in the centre of Potsdam. In 1937, Karl Foerster created the show garden with more than a thousand different perennials and more than 250 types of irises in the water garden. Here, you can not only enjoy nature and the garden during a stroll, but also discover numerous sculptures. The island café and the large playground for children round off a perfect day.

The harbour restaurant "El Puerto" invites you with a delicious menu. In winter, you can enjoy the warmth of the winter garden, and in summer you can sit on the Mediterranean terrace directly at the jetty with a view of the Havel.
The city has many attractions. Potsdammer Platz, the palace, the historic centre. Far too much to mention here. Before you start your houseboat holiday, find out which places you definitely want to see. 

PotsdamFreundschaftsinssel / Friendship IslandEl Puerto

We hebben er inmiddels enkele dagen aan boord op zitten en u ziet: het leven aan boord en op het water straalt een en al rust uit. Wanneer dit uw eerste keer met een motorboot op het water is, zult u gezien hebben dat het land en het landschap er vanaf het water heel anders uitziet dan vanaf de snelweg…


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