You are considering chartering a yacht, but where? You probably have a preference for a country. Some people go for years on end to that one campsite in Italy or France, or that holiday home in Spain. The Linssen Boating Holidays partners are located in 9 countries and have almost 20 locations. And every location/region has its own charms and characteristics.

Cruising your self drive motor yacht the Netherlands

The homeland of the yacht builder who built your charter yacht: Linssen Yachts. The Netherlands also has three charter bases. Zeeland (Willemstad), North Holland (IJsselstein) and Friesland (Sneek). All three areas have a great variety of rivers, canals and lakes. You can seek out nature and silence in the Biesbosch, but also visit the heart of Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The Frisian lakes are an oasis of calm with beautiful picturesque towns and villages by the water. The choice is yours. 

Linssen Yachts in Friesland

Cruising in Belgium

In Belgium, just across the border from the Netherlands, our charter partner is in Ophoven... Ophoven you might say? Well, yes. Now that is not a metropolis, but a small town on the Maas in South Limburg. Perfectly accessible by car. From Ophoven, you can sail along the Meuse to the 'capital of Europe': Maastricht, or to the largest Designer Outlet in Europe in Roermond. You will not need a parking space... But you can also take a route to Belgium and visit Liege, Namen or Dinant, directly along the river Meuse.

Linssen Yachts in België / Maastricht

Cruising in Germany

Germany has a great many navigable rivers and canals. Perfect for your self drive motor yacht. Well-maintained waterway systems that show you the most beautiful corners of the country. From three locations, you have very different destinations. There are two Linssen Boating Holidays® partners in the (northern) Berlin region. Why two? Because this is a particularly extensive area with a great diversity of environments. The motor yachts feel perfectly at home here. You can go north towards the Mecklenburg region with its many rivers and lakes, but also south towards Berlin and then moor somewhere in the heart of the city.

Southern Germany is the Moselle and Saar region... Yes, of course, of those delicious wines. On your Linssen motor yacht, you'll sail past vast vineyards on the mountain slopes. The triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg has unique water monuments such as the Arzviller ship's hoist, tunnels and pretty towns on the water. 

Linssen Yachts in Germany-Berlin

Cruising in England

Yes, even after the Brexit, England remains a favourite destination. And try to do it differently. Visit Brittain and discover it from the water on your self drive canal boat. Go for a week on the river Thames. From Henley, sail towards London and pass Windsor Castle, Birkshire and Buckinghamshire from the world famous detective series Barnaby. A unique experience guaranteed and a whole lot quieter than the busy and hectic centre of London. 

Linssen Yachts in Germany-Berlin

Cruising in Norway

Norway is known for the Northern Lights, beautiful cities and perhaps the Hurtigruten. These cruise cargo ships sail from the southern coast of Norway all the way to the northernmost tip, calling at no less than 34 ports and then sailing back again. And that for four seasons. A unique experience.
But you can have a similar experience. By chartering a Linssen self drive motor yacht in Norway. Not on the west coast, but in the sheltered waters of the Oslofjord. This beautiful archipelago has many moorings, sheltered cruising routes and charming towns. Another holiday on the water. 

Linssen Yachts in Norway

Cruising in Finland

Finland. The land of 1000 lakes. Lake Saima is home to a Linssen Boating Holidays charter point. Lake Saima is one of the largest lakes in Europe. From here, you cruise your motor yacht on vast Finnish lakes and contiguous areas. Nothing but clear blue water, nature and peace and quiet around you. The real 'unwind' holiday on the water. 

Cruise in Ireland

Ireland. The country of whisky and guineas, but also of the much rain that is said to fall there. Well, we can reassure you: it's not that bad. The Shannon River in Ireland has LBH branches in several places from where you can navigate the river with your charter yacht. Ancient ruins, bridges and islands will glide past you along this beautiful river. 

Linssen Yachts in Ireland

Cruise in Switzerland

Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Biel and Lake Murten are three Swiss lakes that are connected to each other. You can cruise your self drive motor yacht on all three of them with your Linssen charter yacht from the LBH base on Lake Biel. The mountains on all sides, beautiful towns along the waterfront and the Swiss geniality and thoroughness make this a unique experience.

Linssen Yachts in Swizerland

Cruise in France

Last but not least... France. La douce France. You can find Linssen Boating Holidays partners in two regions: on the Canal du Midi in the south and in Burgundy in the middle. Living like God in France is only really appreciated when you moor your motor yacht behind a vineyard and drink the wine on the after deck, while nibbling on a delicious French cheese or eating a piece of French bread. 

Linssen Yachts in France- canal du midi


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"With a couple of excited children and an unfamiliar lake to explore, it feels like our very own Swallows and Amazons adventure."

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