Experience and a boating licence are not required*! A holiday on the water with a luxury motor yacht is a holiday like you have never had before. The unique position from the water is an experience in itself. Your charter yacht glides slowly through the water and comes to places you normally cannot come to! We are happy to show you our unique cruising destinations. You will not be disappointed!

We regularly have families from Australia and New Zealand among our Linssen Boating Holidays® charter guests. Almost all of them use our summer (winter for them) to stay in Europe, often for several weeks. A round trip, city trips, a cruise or a bareboat charter at LBH. An often-heard argument about the attractiveness of Europe is the compact distances between countries, places and areas. We might not see it that way ourselves, but in a country like Australia which is about 3,500 x 3,100 kilometres and even the distance between Adelaide and Melbourne is over 700 kilometres, Europe is a compact patchwork of cultures, environments, languages etc.

Living on board a Linssen motoryacht
Times of distant travels, long plane rides, waiting in departure halls seem to be over. We are looking for relaxation closer to home. A safe holiday in our own country, or a holiday within driving distance. We avoid the hustle and bustle of big cities and seek peace and quiet, culture and nature.

Linssen motoryacht in a lock
Have a look at these practical instruction video's about ropes, mooring, fenders etc.

Bareboat charter is the term used to describe the chartering or hiring of a motor yacht without crew or crew. This means that you operate and steer the yacht yourself. You rent your floating holiday home and sail to wherever you want to go (of course within the distance that is possible from the landlord). Apart from the rental price, costs such as diesel consumption, harbour dues, shopping etc. are for your own account.

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