We travel on a Linssen charter yacht through Friesland. We start in Sneek, to Leeuwarden, Franeker, Harlingen, Hindeloopen and more...

At Linssen Boating Holidays partner Dutch Yacht Rentals in Willemstad, you can hire a Linssen motor yacht without a boating licence. If you have insufficient experience of sailing on a motor yacht, DYR's instructors will teach you the tricks of the trade in just a few hours. This way, you can safely and securely get on the water and enjoy a luxury holiday on the water.

Peter and Sanne undertook a 16-day adventure trip of more than 800 km in the Beluga, a Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan, on the breathtaking Dutch waterways. Among other destinations, the trip took them to the busy Westerschelde estuary, to picturesque Kinderdijk and right through the city of Rotterdam. Via Linssen Boating Holidays, they chartered the Beluga from Aqua Libra Yacht Charter in Ophoven (Belgium).

Linssen motor yacht in Bruinisse
Summer cruise 2020 - After the very late start of the season we wanted to really enjoy our summer cruise. As well as transferring to our new home port, we took a trip to the Grevelingenmeer and spent many pleasant hours on the water. It’s a cruise report that will inspire you to follow in our wake, I promise.

Linssen motoryacht on the River Meuse Stevensweert
We cruise the River Meuse from Ophoven along Stevensweert, Thorn and Wessem, before we decide if we want to continue north to Roermond or head west to Weert on the canal.

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