Since the canal was completed in 1620, the region around the Finow Canal has suffered from numerous political conflicts. The canal’s construction was followed by war. Hordes of soldiers marched across the region time and again, leaving behind a scene of destruction. What remained fell victim to decades of neglect and industrial pollution during the long period of communist dictatorship.

grand sturdy 29.9 AC on the Saar
In the summer of 2011, the ‘Delfin’, a Linssen Grand Sturdy 29.9 AC, was our new home for five weeks. We chartered a yacht for the tenth time from the welcoming Schönberger family in Merzig am Saar (Germany), who are always pleased to see us again. In some ways we could rightly be regarded as ‘repeat offenders’.

On holiday with your hired boat in the Brandenburg region. The German state of Brandenburg is known for its many lakes and rivers that meander through the vast landscape. Here, nature is what determines the image. Perfect for exploring with a houseboat, to explore the nature parks and small villages.

Linssen motor yacht on the River Moselle
The Moselle is perhaps the most beautiful river in Germany. From the Vosges, at the Col de Bussang, the river winds through the mountainous landscape with its many vineyards and finally, after 544 kilometres, flows into the Rhine at Koblenz. With dozens of smaller and larger villages and towns, of course the local wine, many castles and the beautiful countryside, this is a unique landscape to cruise through with your Linssen motor yacht and perhaps take an occasional walk or cycle trip through the area.

Lübeck businessman and lighting designer Martin Stratmann is living his dreams, along with his wife Dagmar and many friends and guests. This is also a portrait of a wonderful landscape, a journey along the west coast of the Baltic and the neighbouring inland cruising areas. We had always had the Linssen bug and the urge to get on to the water without getting wet. We already had our first small motor boat before we found our house right on the river Trave at the edge of Lübeck’s old town, which had taken three years to renovate and we finally bought in May 1994. Even before we moved into the house, we had acquired a labour-intensive powered sailplane (oak on oak) as well, as we had had enough of water.

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